Our Founder

Name: Kindah Ayrout pronounced Keendah

Origin: It’s complicated

Place of Birth: Houston, Texas.

Childhood: All over the world

Adulthood: The U.S. of A


  • University of St. Thomas, Houston- Finance

Degree: B.B.A/M.B.A

  • University of Higher Economics -Neuroeconomics

Certificate. Writing 10 pages essay was too much work for a PhD application. Little did I know the amount of writing required for Native Digital Brands

Profession: Agriculture Commodities Trader. 

Happiness: clothes. spending Sundays at my mom’s. traveling with friends, being out in the sun, the beach, working out, and meeting new people.  

Values: world’s peace, human rights, ending the gender wage gap, respecting women's rights and choices, preserving water, affordable healthcare and education for all.

Interests:  traveling the world, health and wellness, learning new languages and cultures, playing the piano, the corrupted world of finance, and attending electronic dance music festivals.

Addictions: The human brain, coffee, anything fashion, Coursera, and bubble gums.

Superpower Professional Honorable Title: Efficient Information Intelligence Officer (able to find the high-school classmates of the grandmother of my bff’s new love interest in less than an hour)