About Us

The Dress Club mixes humanitarianism with innovation, passion, and fashion. We want to make a difference in the world for refugees that have been displaced from ongoing civil wars by providing them a chance to make a living through work. To do this, we use innovation to think outside the box within the current industry, use our passion and desire to find ways where we can help people in need, and connect these two to change the current model of doing business in the fashion industry. We want to make what you wear meaningful.

The Dress Club is setting the trend for what is to come and providing an outlet for discussions about the needs of refugees living in camps. What you wear should have a meaning behind it and this is the future that we see as the new norm. We inspire change by optimizing and automating the supply chain process rather than the dressmaking itself.This brings dressmaking into the 21st century as it empowers the people who create the dresses and the people who wear them.