Our Philosophy:

The decisions we make in our daily lives indicate our true values and aspirations, and the clothes we wear reflect those values to the world around us. Founded by Kindah Ayrout,  The Dress Club is a fashion brand for the educated, independent, and ambitious, sophisticated, compassionate, beautiful, and romantic Having-It-All millennial woman.


Our Mission:

The purpose of creating The Dress Club is to build strong interconnected international community of women, empower them through friendships, and leave a positive impact on societies through our brand philosophy of Feel Good, Look Good and Do Good.

Manufacturing the dresses in our small atelier in Turkey grant us the privilege of staying true to our vision of empowering women from all walks of life. We employee and pay vulnerable refugee women living wages and offer our clients unique, elegant, and luxurious handmade statement pieces. 


Our Dream:

Besides equality and eliminating the gender gap, we dream of living in a world free of human exploitation and trafficked sex workers. Want to live the dream with us? Follow us on social media.