Cecilia Lantos

Cecilia grew up in Hungary in a big loving family. She  graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Budapest. Unable to find her purpose in the automotive industry, Cecilia packed her bags and took the first train to Paris to pursue research at the frontiers in life sciences and complete her PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering.

Driven by the interest of quantitative data analyses, and experience in statistics, programming, she started to implement machine learning tools for cancer detection and Public Health screening Program. To fuel her drive for saving lives, Cecilia moved to Houston to purse a career in graph research at Rice University. 

During the day, Cecilia is quite busy working on cancer diagnosis and therapy treatment using deep learning methods. At night, joins the rest of the founding team and implement deep learning tools in training our fashion designer.  As a co-founder, she will be joining our team full-time this summer after fulfilling her tenure contract with Rice University. 

Cecilia loves the beach, white wine, chocolate, tennis, and electronic music. She is a terrible guitar player, but have not given up hope on learning yet.