Our Dressmakers

The foundation of The Dress Club is our dressmakers. They are the widows and mothers who live in refugee camps due to the wars that have ravaged their home country. It is by their professionalism and dedication that The Dress Club can attain its goals and mission which is to provide a way of life for these women with a living wage. The experience that they have in dressmaking drives this company and we would not be here without their creative and talented craftsmanship.

Despite having to live in a refugee camp, their strength and perseverance keeps us going. This is a chance for them to take pride in the work that they do once again, to use their trade that they had prior to the civil war displacing them from their homes and country.

It is a constant encouragement to see their lives changed due to what The Dress Club provides and it keeps us dedicated to what we do. Their tragedies, emotional turmoil, severe economic hardship, and loss become our inspiration as we are continually learning from them the true meaning of gratitude of what life has and what it provides. With your help, these single mothers can make a living through the work that they enjoy and support their children with the products you buy.