When Ai marketing tools took the world of e-commerce by storm, it became quite difficult for me to find exactly what I wanted in a quality garment at a reasonable price with. To conserve my time, I would describe to my mom what I envisioned in an outfit. Soon, my mother and I started buying the best quality of fabric for the style I wanted from Houston’s High Fashion, with my mom constructing garments based on my visualization, oftentimes improving the design to accentuate my figure and match my personal lifestyle. I uncovered the need for this empowering service on a larger scale when many of my friends and random people started asking me if my mom would be willing to custom-make outfits because they suffered from the same problem.

The biggest challenge was finding a location for the skilled labor I wanted to hire, but after a few months of tirelessly exploring all possible option, I managed to get the attention of United Nations Industrial Organization and the Turkish government, and successfully convinced them to buy into my vision. Thus, our first production location was born. 

Together with my co-founders and our amazing team, we are working on changing the fashion industry model of doing business. Our  combined expertise of supply chain management, business, software development, and operations management, grant us the necessary skills to make The Dress Club into what it is today. We want to offer something unique the current fashion industry is not offering, that is, a new way to allow our customers to design her own outfits.  

Our organization’s goal is to provide women torn by war, especially widows, a chance to work and provide for their children. This is our passion and goal, a way to provide a living wage for refugees. Though this we are building the first AI personal fashion designer with a purpose and a societal impact. There should be a meaning behind what you wear and that is what we are trying to create.