When Ai marketing tools took the world of e-commerce by storm, it became quite difficult for me to find exactly what I wanted in a quality garment at a reasonable price with. To conserve my time, I started describing to my mom what I envisioned in an outfit. Soon, my mother and I started buying the best quality of fabric for the style I wanted from Houston’s High Fashion, with my mom constructing garments based on my visualization, oftentimes improving the design to accentuate my figure and match my personal lifestyle. I uncovered the need for this service on a larger scale when many of my friends and random people started asking me if my mom would be willing to custom-make outfits because they suffered from the same problem.

Having both the technical know-how and business skills to build an efficient system, I began dreaming of fixing the fashion industry. My biggest challenge was finding a location for the skilled labor I wanted to hire, but after a few months of tirelessly exploring any possible option, I managed to get the attention of United Nations Industrial Organization and the Turkish government, and successfully convinced them to buy into my vision. Thus, our first production location was born. 

My goal is to provide women - especially widows -  a chance to work and provide for their children. I was born in the US but grew up in Damascus, Syria. When my dad passed away after battling leukemia, he left my mom with no money, 3 young children and 2 toddlers to feed. To provide for us, she turned her hobby of dressmaking into a full-time profession, giving us what we needed while instilling in us the drive to work hard and succeed in life without having to lose dignity or self-respect. My mom showed us the true meaning of love and protection. I want to offer the same to other women.


Today, with the help and support of my mother, girlfriends, and community, we are working on building the first and best Ai personal fashion designer.